Your Turn // Board Game Prototyping Kit
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The best games are yet to be made.

It is your turn to make.

Your turn is a board game design and prototyping kit. This kit will allow you to rapidly prototype your game ideas and easily play test them. The cards, boards, tiles and dice have dry erase surfaces so you can quickly prototype your ideas with the markers.

If you have a game idea, you can go ahead and start prototyping your idea with the kit. If you do not have an idea in mind don’t worry! The theme and mechanics cards will help sparking ideas in your mind while introducing you to board game mechanics.


Regardless of what you are designing, rapid prototyping is the most important part of the design process. 'Your turn' is all about prototyping, It is designed for you to quickly make dirty and quick prototypes and test your ideas. It is the best way to improve your game quickly.


Get Inspired

Use theme cards to immerse yourself into a theme and mechanics cards to learn and apply rich game mechanics to your game.



Using the dry erase cards, boards, chits and dice to quickly prototype your game idea.


Test and Repeat

Test your game with yourself, friends and finally strangers. Take notes on what went wrong and quickly improve your prototype using dry erase pens.


Take a look at content of the kit!



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